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Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I am now spending more of time writing tutorials at Squarespace Plugins. Some include how to integrate SmugMug with the easier to manipulate Squarespace templates. However, if you have a specific question about using SmugMug and WordPress.com, please leave a comment and I will try and help you the best that I can.

Smugmug announce new max photo size!

All SmugMuggers can now upload photos up to 50MB and 100 megapixels in size.

SmugMug Video Limits Increased to 20 Minutes!

SmugMug Video Limits Increased to 20 Minutes!

SmugMug has raised the length limit on video from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. With a 1 GB size limit, I think this makes more sense. However, it’s still 2 minutes short of a 64 MB, 22 minute reunion video I need to upload! But I’ll take whatever we can get!

This announcement comes shortly after a long-awaited feature that allows pro users to sell videos as well as photos a few days ago.

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How-To: Adding a SmugMug Site Link to a WordPress Menu (Part 2)

Adding SmugMug site links to your WordPress.com Blog’s Navigation Menu

This tutorial is the second of a 2 part series and builds on How-to add a SmugMug website link to your wordpress.com navigation menu in Part 1. Be sure to check part one if you are having problems understanding the following tutorial.

By now, you should understand how to add a basic link to your Top Navigation Menu. Adding child-links to a sub-menu requires only one extra step and adding “grand” child links is an extra one or two simple steps. However, not all links to your SmugMug website will give you the results you might expect. So we’ll go over WordPress’s compatibility with transitioning to the features of SmugMug.

Let’s start with links to a sub-menu.
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Photog Tip of the Week: Sell Smarter with Smart Galleries by David Evertsen « The SmugMug Blog

Photog Tip of the Week: Sell Smarter with Smart Galleries by David Evertsen

September 26, 2011

Today’s guest post is by sports shooter and Smugger David Evertsen of Phabulous Photos. Any event shooter understands how tricky it is to manage and organize large volumes of files, particularly when parents, friends and fans are beating down the door to see photos and buy prints. Since the fall sports season is ramping up, we thought this post would help you manage your workflow and feed happier customers. Here’s how he used a program called Photo Mechanic and SmugMug’s Smart Galleries to give his fans the pictures they want to see.

by David Evertsen

via Photog Tip of the Week: Sell Smarter with Smart Galleries by David Evertsen « The SmugMug Blog.

Tip: Wufoo Shortcode Parameters

Tip: Customizing the Wufoo Shortcode discussed in yesterday’s tutorial– Woohoo! for Wufoo in WordPress.com Blogs

*Note: You don’t need a SmugMug account to use the information in this post!

After playing around with the Wufoo shortcode, I’ve discovered a couple of customization options that make integrating your Wufoo form easier. I’ll be using the example below to explain each option. You can also view the final example at the top of my sidebar. The following form represents the default code Wufoo provides in the Form Code Manager.
(*NB- The form in this post should work so unless you want to subscribe to SmugMug Hugs, don’t click ‘Submit’!)

The Form:

The shortcode:

[wufoo username=”smugmughugs” formhash=”z7x3k1″ autoresize=”true” height=”340″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

The first two parameters should be self explanatory:
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How-to: Woohoo for Wufoo in WordPress.com Blogs

This tutorial relates more to WordPress.com but will be helpful to those SmugMug users who want a visually appealing subscription form next to all those amazing photos! Let’s face it, the WordPress Subscription Widget ain’t too pretty! Of course, this will also work for contact or any other kind of form you need. So, let’s get started.

First, you will need to head on over to Wufoo and set up a free account. You can have up to three forms and 100 new subscribers (or form submissions) per month without having to pay a monthly fee. A popular request, payment options, can only be set up if you have a paid plan of $29.95 or more per month. You can get 5 free transactions to try it out but after that, you will need to pony up some cash.

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Tip: An easy JavaScript Slideshow Option for your SmugMug Website

Tip:J Friend’s HTML5 Slideshow

Although the focus of SmugMug Hugs is its integration with WordPress, I think focusing on just one of them is also beneficial. On that note, today’s tip is specifically geared to SmugMug. And of course, if you are linking to your SmugMug site from a WordPress.com blog, you want it to look just as good!

I have been overhauling my SmugMug site and came across an amazing slideshow option, J Friend’s HTML Slideshow. The documentation and step-by-step tutorial is top-notch. If I can install it, anyone can! Unlike WordPress.com, you can use the needed JavaScript code in your SmugMug site, so no problem with that! You will also use the Advanced Customization feature. Fear not! It’s all a matter of copy and pasting code in the correct box. It took all of five minutes to get it working; however, there’s a bunch of features you can customize if you want to get fancy— size, transitions, etc.

You can find more J Friend HTML5 Slideshow customization tips at:


How-To: Adding a SmugMug Site Link to a WordPress Menu (Part 1)

How to add a SmugMug site link to your WordPress.com Blog’s Navigation Menu (Part 1)

This tutorial will show you how to add a link to your SmugMug site from your WordPress.com navigation menu. Although I will focus on adding your SmugMug link(s), you can add almost any other off-site link as well.

Most WordPress.com themes have some kind of top navigation menu. Check this page on WBTips to see if your theme has a native top navigation menu. If not, you can add a custom menu via the Custom Page Widget to you sidebar, footer, or where ever you are able to use widgets.

1. First you will need to access the Menus option in the Appearance tab.

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Protected: Email: Featured Image Question

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Tip: Stolen Camera Finder

Tip: Stolen Camera Finder

retro search icon Yikes! So your baby camera is stolen and all hope is lost. Well, perhaps not. Stolencamerafinder.com is a free service that will attempt to find the thief by “using the unique serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera.” Your camera must be digital for the search to work and unfortunately, it doesn’t work for cell phone cameras like the iPhone. Also note that sites like Facebook strip out exif data and of course the photographer can manipulate this data as well.

Photo exif infoThe serial number will need to come from an actual photo, because some manufacturers use a different serial number for the camera than what’s stored in the exif data. To see if your camera is compatible visit this list at stolencamerafinder.com


How-To: SmugMug RSS Photo Widget in WordPress.com Blogs

Ok, so it’s kind of a hack, but there is a widget in wordpress.com that will let you display your SmugMug  pictures via an RSS feed. And, it’s easy. Sounds good, right?  It is.
So, here’s how you do it…

You will actually use the Flickr Widget.  Fortunately for Smuggies, we are able to use the Flickr widget to do the same function with our SmugMug photos.

Wordpress.com Flickr Widget for SmugMug RSS

1. Grab the Flickr Widget and drag it in a sidebar or footer area.

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