Ok, so it’s kind of a hack, but there is a widget in wordpress.com that will let you display your SmugMug  pictures via an RSS feed. And, it’s easy. Sounds good, right?  It is.
So, here’s how you do it…

You will actually use the Flickr Widget.  Fortunately for Smuggies, we are able to use the Flickr widget to do the same function with our SmugMug photos.

Wordpress.com Flickr Widget for SmugMug RSS

1. Grab the Flickr Widget and drag it in a sidebar or footer area.

If by chance, you are also using the Selecta Theme, the Thumbnail option displays Small images and the Small option displays Thumbnail images. I predict this will be fixed in the future, but you might test each size to make sure the photos are displaying like you want. I chose only two photos to display which are visible at the bottom of my sidebar.

Depending on which theme you use, the photos displayed may not look that great. It is what it is (say that in your best Bill Clinton voice). It’s quick and easy and requires no HTML knowledge. There are better ways to display images in the side bar but at least this way you will get a fresh stream of pictures in your blog as long as you are continuing to upload photos to your gallery.

If you know another way to display RSS photo feeds (preferably where the photo is displayed and not just a link), I would love to hear about it. Having more control over photo size, alignment, and caption options would meet the issues that many will have with using this Flickr SmugMug Widget.


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