While further investigating the new oEmbed option for SmugMug Slideshows, I found a sure-fire way to get the gallery link without worrying about what to cut from the URL as I  explained in this earlier tutorial.

I highlight, then copy and paste the link from my browser while viewing a gallery.
The photo section of the url (#1237402990_tgQTP) is automatically part of the URL I copied, so I must cut it out.


Make sure to put your new link on its own line in the HTML Editor.

Instead, you will click on the Share Tab >> Get A Link >> Gallery Links Tab.

SmugMug Share Tab

Click Share Tab >> Get a Link

Then Copy the GALLERY code (NOT the Slideshow).

Copy Gallery Link NOT Slideshow Link

This will give you the URL you need without any further changes!


About squareplug

My first husband and three kids travel fulltime throughout the US in a 39' Monte Vista Fifth Wheel. Follow our trip at http://www.foggyphils.com. Be sure to subscribe if you would like to receive notifications by email when a new post is published!

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