How to add a SmugMug site link to your Blog’s Navigation Menu (Part 1)

This tutorial will show you how to add a link to your SmugMug site from your navigation menu. Although I will focus on adding your SmugMug link(s), you can add almost any other off-site link as well.

Most themes have some kind of top navigation menu. Check this page on WBTips to see if your theme has a native top navigation menu. If not, you can add a custom menu via the Custom Page Widget to you sidebar, footer, or where ever you are able to use widgets.

1. First you will need to access the Menus option in the Appearance tab.

2. Choose the Menu you want your SmugMug website link to appear. If you have not created a Custom Menu yet, go ahead ane give your menu a name and Save it.

Choose the Custom Menu you want the link to appear.

3. Add your SmugMug Url and Label to the Custom Links section. Click Add To Menu.

Menu >> Custom Links

4. Now that your SmugMug link is added to your Custom Menu, add a Title Attribute. Make sure to click Save Menu before leaving the page.

Part 2 will include how to add links to a sub-menu (child links) and all the different SmugMug links that will work in Menus (not all do!). You can get a head start by checking out the “My SmugMug” links in my top navigation menu. They are strictly for example purposes as selling photos is not my thang! However, it does show you different ways to link to your SmugMug site on blogs.
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  1. Very good step by step guidance to add custom link in wordpress like smugmug site link. Thanks for sharing such nice informative blogging.

  2. […] tutorial is the second of a 2 part series and builds on How-to add a SmugMug website link to your navigation menu in Part 1. Be sure to check part one if you are having problems understanding the following […]

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