Tip:J Friend’s HTML5 Slideshow

Although the focus of SmugMug Hugs is its integration with WordPress, I think focusing on just one of them is also beneficial. On that note, today’s tip is specifically geared to SmugMug. And of course, if you are linking to your SmugMug site from a WordPress.com blog, you want it to look just as good!

I have been overhauling my SmugMug site and came across an amazing slideshow option, J Friend’s HTML Slideshow. The documentation and step-by-step tutorial is top-notch. If I can install it, anyone can! Unlike WordPress.com, you can use the needed JavaScript code in your SmugMug site, so no problem with that! You will also use the Advanced Customization feature. Fear not! It’s all a matter of copy and pasting code in the correct box. It took all of five minutes to get it working; however, there’s a bunch of features you can customize if you want to get fancy— size, transitions, etc.

You can find more J Friend HTML5 Slideshow customization tips at:



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