Update: SmugMug Slideshow using oEmbed

While further investigating the new oEmbed option for SmugMug Slideshows, I found a sure-fire way to get the gallery link without worrying about what to cut from the URL as I  explained in this earlier tutorial.

I highlight, then copy and paste the link from my browser while viewing a gallery.
The photo section of the url (#1237402990_tgQTP) is automatically part of the URL I copied, so I must cut it out.


Make sure to put your new link on its own line in the HTML Editor.

Instead, you will click on the Share Tab >> Get A Link >> Gallery Links Tab.

SmugMug Share Tab

Click Share Tab >> Get a Link

Then Copy the GALLERY code (NOT the Slideshow).

Copy Gallery Link NOT Slideshow Link

This will give you the URL you need without any further changes!

How-To: Using the SmugMug Be-Social Feature to post Videos to WordPress.com Blogs

How-to use the SmugMug Be Social Feature to post Videos to WordPress…Well, sort of!

As you can see from the post, SmugMug Be Social Video Test for WordPress.com, only a “screenshot” image that links to a video in the SmugMug lightbox is available using the Be Social option in Smugmug. Not a surprise as SmugMug includes this Gotcha! in their Be Social documentation. Err..Never mind, I must have imagined this? At least, now you know! Anyways, your Caption and keywords (tags in WordPress) along with any other text you want to include, will also post to WordPress.

To use the Be Social feature, follow these steps:

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How-To: SmugMug Slideshows using oEmbed! YEAH!

SmugMug Announces that Slideshows are now available using oEmbed!

I just came across a post in the Smugmug Dgrin Forums about SmugMug slideshows available through oEmbed!

G’day Troup,
We recently added a slideshow representation for a gallery link, so if you provide a gallery url (minus the photo portion) […]
The oEmbed call will return a flash slideshow.
Hope this helps.

This is wonderful if it actually works! So here’s our first shot at it. In order to display a slideshow, you must get the gallery link without the photo info at the end.

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How-To: Smugmug Videos using oEmbed on WordPress.com Blogs

*Note- Yikes! It looks like this theme cuts the video in half on post pages using the “standard” post format!

This example and Code include my trial and tribulations while trying to understand the how and why of embedding SmugMug Videos in WordPress.com Blogs. This post focuses on the easiest way to embed SmugMug Videos. Continue reading